Monday, November 26, 2007

My favorite Menorahs are the ones with real Jewish style.

As Hanukkah is getting closer, more and more menorahs pop in to the ever growing market of Judaica menorahs. Although there are menorahs with non Jewish themes, I prefer a real Jewish looking Menorah. Why? Since Hanukkah is all about symbolizing the Jewish people as a nation why get secular themes in to it??

The following is my best styles: The Traditional Jewish Style Menorah, featuring the style that I have seen on many ancient Jewish pictures. I also love menorahs with a more modern style but stay in the style of being very Jewish, such as this Signature Menorah. Although it's a very modern looking menorah with the signature style, it does feature that truly Jewish feeling of having the option of oil or candles.

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